Educative Opportunities With Us In

Through Study, Performance, Appreciation

We have

  • been teachers of our instruments, privately and through coaching of ensembles and clinics at the elementary, high, and college school levels.
  • taught Orff-Schulwerk, named after composer Carl Orff, who developed a way to teach music to children using improvisation, speech, movement and rhythm, and music theory in community music schools and preparatory youth orchestra classes.
  • learned from the private lessons and coaching that we received from extraordinary musical thinkers, educators, and performers over our formative years and which we sought out, even as professional musicians, throughout our careers.

We offer

Educative Opportunities. The dictionary calls educative an adjective; something that serves to educate or be educational but is comparative (more educative) or superlative (most educative).

  • Susan’s presentations use music, sometimes visuals, sometimes verse, quotations, and history.
  • Our short concerts of 45-60 minutes can, if desired, include brief commentary that satisfies curiosity and enhances the grasp, appreciation and recall of the music.
  • Bob’s workshops and clinics for, playing alongside, or even soloing with, students opens windows through which they can see themselves reaching targets they may not have even been aware of.
  • Both Susan and Bob accept a limited number of committed private pupils from beginning through advanced levels.