Susan and Bob Jones perform together as Zéfiro, a musical group that helps make any event special.

From cocktail parties to celebration-of-life gatherings, satisfied customers say, “that was the perfect background music for our event. Choose our unique “choro” specialty or any of the thematic programs described HERE. They are flexible as well as versatile and can perform a custom mix of styles that you select.

Zéfiro is Portuguese for zephyr, a gentle, pleasant wind. And, in this case, woodwinds. Bob and Susan created their performing voice by blending their combined two clarinets, three saxophones and flute with high quality pre-recorded sound tracks from Rio de Janeiro by Choro Music, all played with theater-quality sound, mixed through a Bose PA system which they provide.

Zéfiro offers informative play-and-talk presentations for audiences of all ages. Bob and Susan can introduce you to the history, composers and characteristics of choro through their virtuosic personal performances and informative commentary

Choro music from Brazil…

Unique among musical choices for either background or concert, choro (“show-row”) is often called Brazil’s ragtime music.  It will surprise and delight your guests.

The choro style was developed through the introduction of European instruments, rhythms and influences following migration of the royal family and 15,000 Portuguese to Brazil in the early 1800’s. When combined with folk and African elements, the resulting music became wildly popular, often compared to the ragtime style that was emerging in North America. The word “choro” literally means “weeping.”  Often plangent and melancholy, choro can also be lively, breezy, and full of joyous improvisation.

In Brazil, the musicians who play choro music are called, “chorers.” Here on the Eastern Choro, we have our own recording studio where most of our audio and video is produced. We call it our…