Having a dinner, dance, party, anniversary, fundraiser, or other event? Need a speaker, entertainment, concert? Looking for something unique, memorable?

Bob and Susan Jones ARE Your Music Solutions

Keep it simple…and affordable. Something unique, with a variety that no two other musicians can provide. Instead of a gaggle of musicians and acres of equipment, consider us: two musicians, from one to seven instruments, and a Bose sound system that just one person can carry. The rest of our “musicians” are on the prerecorded “backing tracks” that we play along with. Our library is huge and of the highest quality. You will hear us playing with accompanying combinations from one to one hundred. Some of our tracks were recorded by Susan herself, on piano.

Most of the time, clients want a variety of music that we all agree upon in advance. Sometimes, however, especially when the audience will be listening and watching, not eating or dancing, a themed program, with a little commentary, is the desired option. To that end, we have created themed-based audio-visual presentations and concerts with or without commentary. They make a nice series for senior independent and assisted living communities, libraries, social or interest clubs, or schools, for example.

For longer events, for which background or dance music is needed, we play from the Great American Songbook, unforgettable popular songs, classic rock, country music, Latin music, hits from the movies, light jazz, and other great sounds that don’t fall neatly into categories but that people like.

Programs We Perform Together

Choro Music: Brazil’s Ragtime – Choro is our signature musical genre. It is not available elsewhere on the Eastern Shore. Suitable for any occasion For a good time, click Zéfiro!

ClairiNUTS – Dueling clarinets play entertaining pieces interspersed with informative and (if sufficiently egged on) humorous anecdotes about the music, famous clarinetists, and our own 50+ year odyssey in search of the perfect reed and a partnership to match. Click ClariNUTS!

Classy-cal Atmosphere – Flute and Piano. Light classical favorites.

Holiday Hoopla – Plan ahead for holidays like Christmas, New Year’s Eve, Patriotic days, Anniversaries. We have just the right mix of music for gatherings that celebrate special times.

Your Personalized Potpourri – Tell us about your venue, theme, event goals, audience tastes and preferences, and we will create a playlist just for you and your special occasion. Because to us, every occasion is special. Background music for cocktails, dinner, dancing, parties, celebrations, etc.

Down By the Riverside – Your opportunity to get baptized in the gospel sounds of “that old time religion”.  Whether you are feeling spiritual, grateful, joyous, or melancholy, this universally popular music makes for good feelings for everyone.  Can I hear an “AMEN!”?

Churches – Either Susan, Bob, or both can provide special music and/or play during prologue, offertory, communion, or postlude. Susan is an experienced church pianist, if you need an accompanist or soloist.

Birthday Bash – Throughout the party, you will hear clever versions of “Happy Birthday” but when it comes time to sing, an easy-to-follow version will be played.  The rest of the time, a musical background of entertaining selections will be taken from our signature choro repertoire, the Great American Songbook, unforgettable popular songs, country music, light jazz or even all classical, as appropriate for your audience.

For many more music and entertainment program specifics, see what we offer individually.